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Waterfall Shower

The vision began as a challenge to do something totally unexpected. The master suite, situated at the top of a tower, needed a spectacular feature to compete with the incredible view looking down the valley. The space was a dark corner with no natural light. Oh how I wanted a skylight, however the roof design did not allow me such frivolities. So, I thought and thought…what would be unique? I wanted to create an experience…perhaps duplicate the feeling of frolicking under a waterfall, sunlight dancing through the jungle canopy above. Yes! What should one feel? Absolutely Everything!

Needed was the relentless organic blast of a million gallons of water per second while infiltrating every sense of sight and touch. Three sheets of textured glass suspend from the ceiling in a stepped fashion. Water trickles over the glass, dripping to the sheet below and finally off the edge and down the wall creating the illusion of standing under a waterfall and peering up to the allure of the sun playing hide and seek through the leaves. Another manifold creates a weeping wall of water as another main rush of water cascades out of the carefully crafted boulders.

A heated towel bar adds the perfect warmth and touch to complete the experience of this spectacular daily bathing ritual…

Mission accomplished!

Waterfall Shower